Corospondent - October 2019

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International flagship fund range - October 2019

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Coronation Insights

Coronation Insights

International flagship fund range

Risk versus Return

5-year annualised return and risk (standard deviation) quoted as at 30 September 2019. Figures quoted in USD (for the oldest fund) after all income reinvested and all costs deducted.

Growth of $100 000 invested in our global multi-asset funds on 29 October 2009

Value of $100 000 invested in Global Managed [ZAR] Feeder, Global Capital Plus [ZAR] Feeder and Global Opportunities Equity [ZAR] Feeder since inception of Global Managed [ZAR] Feeder on 29 October 2009. All returns quoted in USD.All income reinvested for funds. MSCI World Index is on a total return basis.