Coronation Market Plus Fund

The Coronation Market Plus Fund

Our best investment views across all asset classes for long term investors.
The Coronation Market Plus Fund is a long-term investment that aims to grow your money at lower levels of risk than if invested in shares only.

Who should consider this fund?

long-term investors who are:
  • building wealth;
  • can stay invested for at least five years (preferably longer);
  • want to get the most out of their long-term savings by investing in a diversified portfolio;
  • not dependent on income from their investment; and
  • who are not restricted by a retirement savings plan.
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Fund overview

Investing in our Market Plus Fund makes sense if you are a long term investor who is looking to build wealth, can stay invested for at least 5 years, want to invest in a diversified portfolio, are not dependent on income.

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There are other funds and products available to you, so this interaction with you should not be seen as advice as it is not based on an analysis of your financial needs

To get these needs assessed you should consult an independent financial adviser as we are not authorised to give you advice.

However should you not require advice and want to continue this journey, it’s easy to do.


The fund fees recently changed to a fixed fee from the performance related fee previously used. The new fixed fee is 1.25%.

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Who are the Fund Managers?


Neville is a senior member of the investment team with 21 years’ investment experience. He joined Coronation in 2000 and manages Coronation’s Aggressive Equity Strategy.


Nic joined the investment team in 2009 and has 9 years’ investment experience. He co-manages Coronation’s Aggressive Equity Strategy and manages the Coronation Resources unit trust fund.