Brandon Naidoo

Retail Client Services Consultant

I started with Coronation at the end of 2017 as a Validations Consultant within the Retail Client Service department. Moving from Johannesburg to Cape Town was quite a big change, however my transition was made seamless and comfortable with the amazing team members and efficient processes at Coronation. Being able to be multi-skilled is a huge asset here. Coronation allows their staff to learn so much, and get involved in different projects, teams, tasks and so much more. I am now a Client Service Consultant and loving it!

Describe what you do here at Coronation and how that benefits our clients

I am currently a Retail Client Service Consultant, which means that I interact with our direct clients on a daily basis. Assisting them with all their investment needs, ensuring that we provide them with great service.

Don’t be afraid of a little competition.

What has been your career highlight so far at Coronation?

Being part of a team that constantly puts our clients first. Being able to see the benefits of this is something special as well, as our clients appreciate this. I feel this is one of many reasons why Coronation is a success story. The business is 25% employee-owned - an indication that everyone gives their best efforts to ensure that we remain a success story for many more years to come. This is exciting!

What do you enjoy mostly about working in your team/department?

The interactions with clients and being able to build a relationship with the client from scratch and maintaining that relationship for long periods of time; Helping new clients open up investments for their future and helping them understand the benefits about long-term investing. It’s quite special when clients give us their hard-earned money and trust us to manage their savings to ensure they have a better future and will be able to achieve their future goals. Being in a talented and dynamic team keeps you on your toes at all times. As we are always learning and trying to get the best out of each other.

What advice would you offer to new starters in your field/team?

Get involved with any and everything you can. Be eager to learn. Don’t be afraid of a little competition. We are always striving and pushing each other to achieve the best results for the team. Be excited to take on extra responsibility as there are countless opportunities for growth and learning experiences.

Tell us about your other interests outside of work?

I spend a lot of my free time on the sports field, or on the couch watching sport. I play a lot of cricket, soccer and golf. Keeping active and healthy helps me stay fresh and focused for the work week ahead.


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