Demi Japhta

Fund Operations Assistant

In January 2018, I became a fund accountant and product specialist. Coronation is the second investment company where I have worked, but the first that felt like home. I am an aspiring investment connoisseur and focus on constantly learning so that I may provide the best output for our clients.

Describe what you do here at Coronation and how that benefits our clients

I am a part of the Fund Accounting and Product Specialist team. We confirm that our funds are valued accurately and timeously in line with the market and ensure that our clients are not prejudiced as a result of administration errors. 

When given the opportunity to do more, embrace it.

What has been your career highlight so far at Coronation?

After being with Coronation for a year, I was part of a group of 8 individuals who participated in the Aspiring Leaders Project. The project created the room for us to debate leadership ideologies and identify distinctive requirements of leadership positions. This project was an opportunity to broaden my perspective and interact with senior colleagues outside of my own team.

What do you enjoy mostly about working in your team?

My team is far from a homogenous group of humans. Differences aside, we share the same goal, which is to earn the trust of our clients. With varying years of experience, we challenge each other daily and remain respectful. No matter the level of difficulty, any challenge faced by my team never feels too difficult to overcome.

What advice would you offer to new starters in your field?

Be confident in who you are and your capabilities, but do not deny yourself the opportunity to learn more. Be inquisitive, of others and reflect on your own actions within the company. Be resilient and willing to adapt to constructive criticism. Do not be afraid to challenge the status quo. Don’t work in isolation, connecting with your team members makes working more enjoyable. When given the opportunity to do more, embrace it. 

Tell us about your other interests outside of work

I don’t want to sound too patriotic, but then again, is that ever a bad thing?  Almost everything I do, involves Coronation. I am a part of the Coronation 'fives' soccer team and action cricket team.

I am also a part-time student, studying towards becoming a CFA charterholder. It has been a challenge thus far, but it benefits my field, which makes the sacrifice worth it. My girlfriend is a full-time student, which makes it easier to study, as she is always encouraging me to study with her. 

I am an avid rugby enthusiast. When we are not watching rugby, we are hiking, at the movies or eating at local restaurants.