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“When the world is running down, you make the best of what’s still around.” – Musician and actor, Gordon Sumner (aka Sting)

But SAGBs and ILBs still offer attractive opportunities, despite economic challenges

Inverted yield curves, negative bond yields, liquidity everywhere and not a drop to drink

Renewed optimism and contained inflation could benefit government bonds

But bond yields continue to make up for underlying risks

But South African bonds still offer a bulwark against global policy normalisation

“Throughout human history, in any great endeavour requiring the common effort of many nations and men and women everywhere, we have learned – it is only through seriousness of purpose and persistence that we ultimately carry the day. We might liken it to riding a bicycle. You stay upright and move forward so long as you keep up the momentum.” – Ban Ki-moon

A brutal quarter for financial markets

Bloated merchant acquirers face disruption in the Brazilian market spac

“Battles are never the end of the war” – former US President James Garfield

But SAGBs might still fare better than expected