Your Key Decisions

Coronation has a range of unit trust funds (often abbreviated to “funds” or “unit trusts”) that can match most investor needs. We encourage you to ensure that you are invested in the fund or combination of funds that best meet your requirements – and to review your fund choice regularly.

What Are Your Needs And Time Horizon?

Your goals and how long you can remain invested are some of the considerations when deciding on whether you are invested in the best fund for you. In the table below are our 5 flagship funds, positioned along the risk/return spectrum – where the Coronation Strategic Income fund carries the least amount of risk and the Coronation Top 20 fund the most. To help you identify which fund is right for you, we’ve matched the funds by three key investor needs:

Should Your Fund Be Domiciled In South Africa, Or Offshore?

Many of Coronation’s flagship domestic unit trusts currently hold close to the maximum allowable offshore allocation on behalf of investors.

Investors who want additional international exposure can opt for a rand-denominated offshore fund, or a fund that is denominated in another currency and domiciled abroad. Your decision would depend largely on financial and tax planning considerations, which a professional financial adviser could assist you with.

Are You Investing For Retirement?

If you are saving for retirement or would like to earn income whilst in retirement, we offer products such as Retirement Annuities, Pension Funds and Living Annuities that may offer tax benefits.​

Are You Looking for a Tax-Free Investment option?

The Coronation Tax-Free Investment allows you to invest in a range of funds without incurring any tax. Your savings won’t be taxed for the duration of your investment, or when you sell.


If you’re unsure as to whether your unit trust investment suits your needs, please contact your financial adviser for guidance.​