Financial Mail 2015 Top Companies Report

25 June 2015 - Financial Mail

Many of the names from last year’s Top 20 ranking are still here in 2015. The placing, though, is different, with one exception: Coronation Fund Managers. Coronation has achieved what most observers would have thought was impossible to do: three consecutive number one rankings in the Top 20. Of course, the strong run in global equity markets played its part here, with the bull market that began in March 2009 still very much intact, both in SA and beyond. This has been one of the longest equity bull markets in history, so it is perhaps not so surprising, in retrospect, that Coronation has done so well these past three years. Having said that, one has to acknowledge that Coronation’s investment team has outperformed the market during that time and this, of course, is the trick to sustaining high-net inflows of funds from investors.

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