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Invest tax free

From as little as R250 a month, up to a maximum of R36 000 every tax year, you can invest in any one of Coronation’s unit trust funds tax free.

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No local tax while you are invested or when you access your investment

No initial or admin fees and no limit on your choice of funds

Unrestricted access to your money


Every year, the government gives you an annual allowance of R36 000 that can be invested tax free to encourage you to save for your future. When you invest tax free, you pay no local tax on your investment growth (e.g. interest income, dividends or capital gains), ultimately boosting your realised investment return.

Ready to invest?

Before you open a tax-free investment, you need to decide which unit trust fund is best suited to your needs. Two of our most popular long-term equity-focused funds are Market Plus and Global Optimum Growth Feeder. To find out more about these funds, or to open up a tax-free investment in either of them, simply follow our quick-invest process.

If you would like to consider other fund options, and learn more about the benefits of a tax-free investment click here.

Already a Coronation Investor?

Remember, existing Coronation investors can open a tax-free investment inside our secure website (Coronation Online Services) and will therefore not need to repeat the FICA process. Log into your account.


Choosing the right strategy

At Coronation we know the importance of making the right investment choice; we also know the value of seeking independent professional advice. If you are at all uncertain as to which is the right investment for you, we recommend that you talk to your financial adviser.

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