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Invest tax free

Invest tax free

You can make a tax-free investment from as little as R250 a month, up to a maximum of R36 000 every tax year in Coronation unit trust funds.

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Why is investing tax free a no-brainer?

As an incentive to save for your future, National Treasury introduced tax-free investments in 2015. When you invest or save, you are typically taxed on interest, capital gains and dividends. By investing tax free you pay no tax - boosting your total investment return.

Simply follow our online investment process and experience all the benefits listed below.

Range of choices

Range of Choices

You have a wide range of investment choices.
Single Fee

Single FEE

You have no initial, exit or admin fees.
Full access

FUll Access

You have unrestricted access to your money.

Coronation’s Tax-Free Investment is a product that allows you to invest in one or more unit trust funds of your choice without paying tax. Once you have chosen a fund that matches your individual needs click INVEST NOW below.

While Coronation has a range of 17 funds that you can invest in tax free, our Market Plus Fund is a popular choice because it offers access to Coronation’s best investment view across asset classes.

Just get started and save on your tax

  • You can invest up to R36 000 a year, up to a lifetime limit of R500 000.

  • You can make lump sum deposits of R5 000 or more, or invest via a monthly debit order from as little as R250 per month.

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When you invest tax free with Coronation, you expose your money to the growth potential of assets such as listed shares, bonds and property. While returns are not guaranteed, history has shown that long-term investors are better off investing in the stock market than saving in a bank account.

The power of compounding

The key benefit of investing is that it maximises the power of compounding. This means the returns earned on your investment also earn returns and are immediately put to work by being automatically re-invested - essentially creating a snowball effect for your money.

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With a Coronation Tax-Free Investment there are no upfront, switching or exit fees.
Coronation only charges an annual management fee dependent on the fund that you choose. For example, the Coronation Market Plus Fund charges an annual fee of 1.25% on your investment balance.

All you need to get started is R250 a month, if you invest before the end of March 2019.

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You can transfer your tax-free investment from a bank, or another investment manager, free of charge at any time. For example, if your tax-free investment is currently saved in a bank account and you would prefer to switch to a Coronation Tax-Free Investment, you can easily transfer it to us.

All you need to do is complete the INVEST NOW application below and instruct your existing investment manager or bank to transfer the investment to Coronation.

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