Invest offshore

Invest offshore

Since 1995 we’ve helped South Africans find the right investment, whatever the geography. The world is yours.

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Diversify offshore and grow your wealth

Invest with a team who understands your needs as a South African investor and has the global skills and experience to find the best long-term investment opportunities for you.

When you choose Coronation, you get access to:

Range of choices


Invest with comfort, knowing our team has a multi-decade global track record.
Single Fee


Invest in a range of funds carefully designed to meet your offshore needs.
Full access


Invest offshore in the currency of your choice.

Choose the right fund for you

There are two routes to investing offshore with Coronation. You can invest in our rand-denominated international funds or in our offshore dollar-denominated funds.

Whichever route suits you best, you are in the right place to choose the appropriate fund.

Give your rands the benefits of global exposure by investing in one of our rand-denominated international funds. There is no need to convert into a foreign currency and you can start investing as little as R500 a month.

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If you want to invest all or some of your annual R11 million allowance (R10 million foreign capital and R1 million discretionary) offshore, consider investing in one of our US dollar-denominated international funds.

The minimum investment amount is $15 000.

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