Offshore Investing

Diversify your portfolio offshore and grow your wealth in rands* or in dollars. With a Coronation Offshore Unit Trust, you get access to:

  • our multi-decade global track record; and
  • a fund range that is carefully designed to meet your offshore needs in the currency of your choice.

At Coronation, you will not pay any initial fees to invest in, or exit fees to withdraw from, the offshore fund/s that you choose. You can also withdraw money and switch between funds at any time.

    • Invest from as little as R500 a month in a rand-denominated offshore fund* or a lumpsum of $500/€500/£500 in one of our foreign currency denominated funds.
    • Increased potential overall return through access to a broader and more diverse opportunity set.
    • Reduced overall risk through diversification
    • Unrestricted access to your money, however a long-term horizon is recommended to fully realise the benefit of having meaningful exposure to global growth assets.
    • No initial fees or administration fees.
    • A regular income cannot be paid out; interest and dividends earned are automatically re-invested.
    • For our foreign currency-denominated funds, you need to use your own offshore allowance (up to a maximum of R11 million per annum) or money that is already offshore.
    • For our foreign currency-denominated funds you may need to obtain tax-clearance.


There are two routes to investing offshore with Coronation. You can invest in an offshore fund denominated in rands or an offshore fund denominated in US dollars.

OFFSHORE DOLLAR-DENOMINATED FUNDS                                        

You can invest all or some of your annual R11 million allowance (R10 million foreign capital and R1 million discretionary) in one of our US dollar-denominated international funds. The minimum investment amount is $500.

Investing in one of these funds requires a little more effort to change your rands into dollars, but has the advantage of your money being invested outside of the South African financial system in international markets.

Remember that your investment will remain in an offshore account. For South African residents, gains will be subject to South African income tax (read more here).

Choose one or more of the following funds:


Investing in one of our rand-denominated feeder funds is quick and easy.

You can give your rands the benefits of global exposure without converting your money into a foreign currency and you can start investing as little as R500 a month.

Remember that while your investment is in a fund that invests offshore, the fund is domiciled in South Africa and gains are taxable here.

Choose one or more of the following funds:




At Coronation we know the importance of making the right investment choice; we also know the value of seeking independent professional advice. If you are at all uncertain as to which is the right investment for you, we recommend that you talk to your financial adviser. Read more.