Endowment Plan

The Coronation Endowment Plan is an investment plan which allows you to create wealth tax-efficiently. This plan benefits investors with a marginal tax rate greater than 30% and a minimum investment time horizon of 5 years. While access to capital is limited in the first 5 year period or the extended restriction period, taxable growth (interest, net rental income and foreign dividends) is taxed at 30% within the plan and is tax-free in your hands when you withdraw the proceeds.

The Coronation Endowment Plan is flexible, cost-effective and transparent. It is designed to allow you the flexibility to stop and restart your contributions and/or switch between investment options as your circumstances change. We do not charge initial fees, we subsidise our annual administration fee and the fees of each of the underlying unit trust funds are fully disclosed.

The underlying investment options are Coronation's range of top-performing unit trusts which have consistently delivered strong investment returns since inception. This consistency of investment performance is reflected in Coronation being awarded numerous local and international investment performance accolades.


You may select from a wide range of Coronation unit trust funds. To simplify the investment decision, we highlight the flagship funds:

We believe these funds are best suited to growing and maintaining investment capital over the long term.

Minimum Investment Amount


R10 000


R500 per month


R5 000