The Importance of Advice

At Coronation we know the importance of making the right investment choice; we also know the value of seeking independent professional advice. If you are at all uncertain as to which is the right investment for you, we recommend that you talk to your financial adviser.

Good advice from an experienced professional helps you to create a financial plan that is realistic. Your adviser will assess your financial goals, investment time frame and tolerance for risk and monitor these over time.

In addition, a financial adviser provides guidance in times of market downturns and personal financial stress, ensuring that your plan is tailored for your changing needs and circumstances.

Coronation is a pure fund management business and is not licensed to provide financial advice. Since your investment is such an important decision, it is essential that the person giving you advice is appropriately qualified and licensed by the authorities. Click here for some useful questions to ask an independent financial adviser.

Please note that financial advisers operate independently of Coronation and we do not endorse any one adviser over another.

If you are comfortable making your own investment choice or would like to explore the available funds, follow the link to choosing a fund below.