We value diversity and inclusion

At Coronation, we strive to achieve gender diversity and equality throughout our business. We recognise the unique skills and viewpoints that women bring to the table, and actively foster an ethos of inclusion.


Meet the Women of Coronation

Liesl Abrahams, Client Services Fund Manager

Meet Client Services Fund Manager Liesl Abrahams, who believes that understanding comes through doing, and has benefited from the wisdom of all the women who came before her.

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Lisa Haakman

Lisa-Haakman-thumb.jpegWho took the scenic route to becoming an equity analyst and for whom integrity is a non-negotiable quality.

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Amika Pillay

Amika-Pillay-thumb.jpegWho tackles her role as if she was running her own business, and appreciates the value that diversity adds to the collective.

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Madeleine Setzkorn

Madeleine-Setzkorn-thumb.jpegWho brings the commitment and endurance of an athlete to ensuring that Coronation’s clients receive world-class service.

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Sinovuyo Ndaleni

Sinovuyo-Ndlaneni-thumb.jpegWho believes that having an open mind and being bold are key qualities on the road to success.

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Kim Deane

Kim-Deane-thumb.jpegWho thrives in a work environment that empowers her to be the architect of her role.

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Azola Lowan

Azola-Lowan-thumb.jpegWho draws her inspiration from nature, and understands the transience of experiences – both good and bad.

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Tracy Burton

Tracy-Burton-Thumb.jpegA high achiever who has taken life’s hurdles in her stride and whose interests, aspirations and drive navigated her career path towards Coronation.

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Marie Antelme

Marie-Antelme-thumb.jpegWho believes that success is a work in progress, and that trust is the keystone of all relationships.

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Almaree Kleinhans

Almaree KleinhansWho attributes success to hard work, self-belief, determination, perseverance, a hunger to succeed and a genuine desire to add value.

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Heidi Kornmuller

Heidi-Kornmuller-Thumb.jpegWho thinks that working women don’t have to fit into a man’s world and should rather show up authentically as themselves.

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Wilna Marais

Wilna MaraisWho believes that it’s important to write your own story, and that sometimes you need to jump for the net to appear.

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