What do you do at Coronation and what experience led you to this role?

I am a Fixed Income Analyst and Portfolio Manager for the cash strategies within the Fixed Income team. I studied a Bachelor of Business Science in Actuarial Sciences at UCT and graduated in 2015. After graduating, I started my career at Coronation.

Grit and inspiration

What drove you to succeed/ How did you prove yourself?

Wanting the best for my life has been the biggest motivator in achieving my goals. I have applied this mentality to my studies, work and personal life.

Where does your resilience come from?

My curiosity and keenness to learn have been the drivers of my resilience. A teachable spirit is very important in this industry. The markets have evolved a lot and my desire to learn keeps me going and excited to discover new developments.

The shoulders of giants

Who major influencers for you growing up?  

My high school teachers have played a huge role in my life. They always pushed me to work hard and explore different fields. My mom has also played a significant role. She put a lot of emphasis on education and gave me the freedom to dream big.

Who have been your career mentors?

My mentor is one of the senior portfolio managers in the investment team. She is a phenomenal woman and has been working at Coronation for more than 15 years.  She has shared with me how the asset management industry works and guided me in my career at Coronation. My colleagues in the Fixed Income team have also been instrumental in my career development.

Core Values

At Coronation, employee ownership is a big part of our culture, what does this mean to you and how does it shape your behaviour/approach?  

Approaching work with an ownership mentality means being invested in what I do and always striving for excellence.

Coronation is a team-based meritocracy, what does this mean to you? And how does it impact your work experience?

This means my team trusts me to always deliver on the work I need to do. They can rely on me to perform my tasks and to play my part in the team. They also offer support where it is needed.

We place high value on integrity in all that we do. What does integrity mean to you, personally and for the business?

Integrity is holding yourself to high standards even when no one is looking. Coronation has a high-performance culture and we are expected to bring our best selves to work. This is in line with how I carry myself in my personal life. I always work towards achieving the best results in everything I set my mind to.


What do you think needs to change in the mindset of working women?

Women need to be bold and go after the things they want. They should take ownership of their careers and work towards achieving their goals.   

What advice would you give women entering the workplace now?

To always keep an open mind and have a teachable spirit. Find mentors in the industry they are in and to learn from people who have walked the path they are about to embark on.  To not be afraid to ask questions and understand that life is a continuous learning journey.