Our Investment Professionals

Coronation has one of the most stable and experienced investment teams in South Africa.

We are one of the only investment teams in the world with three former chief investment officers still actively managing money. We operate as an integrated global team headquartered in Cape Town, South Africa.

Research is integral to our investment process. We have challenged the industry model by assigning research responsibilities to all our portfolio managers. Thus our most experienced investment minds are tasked with analysing opportunities. In addition, our analysts are not assigned specific industries or geographies, but research different companies in a variety of industries and across different geographies. As a result, our investment professionals can ‘price profit and risk’ across asset classes, sectors and geographies, which results in better-constructed portfolios for clients.

Over the years we have developed and nurtured a culture of teamwork, performance and excellence, balancing the benefits of rich and diverse debate with an emphasis on individual accountability. We have a flat structure and operate as a meritocracy where anyone (irrespective of position or title) will be recognised for work well done.

  • Karl Leinberger
    Karl Leinberger

    18 years' experience

    BBusSc, CA (SA), CFA
    Karl is Chief Investment Officer (CIO) and manager of Coronation’s Houseview strategies. He joined Coronation in 2000 as an equity analyst, was made head of research in 2005 and became CIO in 2008. Karl has 18 years’ investment experience.

  • Quinton Ivan
    Quinton Ivan

    13 years' experience

    BBusSc, BCom (Hons), CA (SA), CFA
    Quinton is head of SA Equity research and co-manages Coronation’s Core Equity Strategy. He also has research responsibilities for a number of retail, pharmaceutical and construction stocks. Quinton joined Coronation in 2005 and has 13 years’ investment experience.

  • Neville Chester
    Neville Chester

    21 years' experience

    BCom, CA (SA), CFA
    Neville is a senior member of the investment team with 21 years’ investment experience. He joined Coronation in 2000 and manages Coronation’s Aggressive Equity Strategy.

  • Neill Young
    Neill Young

    20 years' experience

    BBusSc, CA (SA), CFA
    Neill joined Coronation in 1998 and co-manages Coronation’s Core Equity Strategy. His research responsibilities extend to the platinum sector as well as a number of financial stocks. Neill has 20 years’ investment experience.

  • Sarah-Jane Alexander
    Sarah-Jane Alexander

    14 years' experience

    BBusSc, CFA
    Sarah-Jane manages assets within the Coronation Houseview Equity Strategy. She also co-manages Coronation’s Houseview balanced strategies as well as the Industrial unit trust fund, and has research responsibilities across a range of food producers and hospital stocks, among others. Sarah-Jane joined Coronation in 2008 as an equity analyst and has 14 years’ investment experience.

  • Nic Stein
    Nic Stein

    9 years' experience

    BBusSc, CA (SA), CFA
    Nic joined the Coronation investment team in 2009 as an equity analyst and has 9 years’ investment experience. He currently co-manages Coronation’s Aggressive Equity Strategy and is the manager of the Coronation Resources unit trust fund. Nic also analyses a number of shares spanning the retail, mining and financial services sectors.

  • Adrian Zetler
    Adrian Zetler

    9 years' experience

    BAcc, BCom (Hons), CA (SA), CFA
    Adrian is co-manager across all Coronation’s Houseview strategies as well as the Coronation Industrial unit trust fund. His research responsibilities span a number of industrial stocks, including media and luxury goods companies. Adrian joined Coronation in 2009 and has 9 years’ investment experience.

  • Charles de Kock
    Charles de Kock

    More than 30 years' experience

    BCom (Hons), MCom
    Charles joined Coronation in 2005. He heads up the Absolute Return investment unit and is co-manager across all Absolute Return strategies. He has more than 30 years’ investment experience, plays a leadership role in the asset allocation process and is involved in all investment discussions. 

  • Pallavi Ambekar
    Pallavi Ambekar

    15 years' experience

    BBusSc, CA (SA), CFA
    Pallavi is co-portfolio manager of Coronation's absolute return strategies. A seasoned investment professional with 15 years of investment industry experience, she joined Coronation in 2003 as an investment analyst, advancing to co-portfolio manager within the Aggressive Equity Strategy, as well as the Coronation Top 20 and Market Plus unit trust funds, before taking up her current position.

  • Nishan Maharaj
    Nishan Maharaj

    15 years' experience

    BSc (Hons), MBA
    Nishan is head of Fixed Interest and responsible for the investment unit’s process and performance across all strategies. He also manages the majority of fixed interest assets. Nishan has 15 years’ investment experience.

  • Mark le Roux
    Mark le Roux

    27 years' experience

    Mark is a senior member within the Fixed Interest investment unit, which he headed over a period of 10 years. With 27 years’ experience in managing both traditional and alternative fixed interest portfolios, Mark is responsible for managing a significant portion of Coronation’s fixed interest assets.

  • Adrian van Pallander
    Adrian van Pallander

    16 years' experience

    BScEng, HTSdip, CFA, FRM
    Adrian joined Coronation in 2002 and is a portfolio manager within Coronation’s Fixed Interest investment unit. He is responsible for managing a portion of the fixed interest assets across all strategies as well as analysis, asset allocation modelling and portfolio construction monitoring. He has 16 years’ investment experience.

  • Steve Janson
    Steve Janson

    11 years' experience

    Steve is an analyst within the Fixed Interest investment unit with 11 years’ investment experience. Steve’s current responsibilities include trading as well as co-managing the Coronation Active Bond Strategy.

  • Mauro Longano
    Mauro Longano

    7 years' experience

    BScEng (Hons), CA (SA)
    Mauro joined Coronation’s Fixed Interest investment unit in 2014 and is responsible for co-managing the Strategic Cash and Medical Aid Cash strategies. In addition to this, he is involved in credit research and pricing. Mauro has 7 years’ investment experience.

  • Sinovuyo Ndaleni
    Sinovuyo Ndaleni

    Sinovuyo is a portfolio manager within the Coronation Fixed Interest investment unit, where she co-manages the Coronation Strategic Cash and Medical Aid Cash strategies. She also has various analytical responsibilities. Sinovuyo joined Coronation in January 2016.

  • Louis Stassen
    Louis Stassen

    28 years' experience

    BSc, BCom (Hons), CFA
    Louis is a founding member and former Chief Investment Officer of Coronation, with 28 years’ investment experience. As head of Global Developed Markets, he is a key decision maker within the global investment team and co-manager across all Global Multi-Asset Class strategies.

  • Tony Gibson
    Tony Gibson

    37 years' experience

    Tony is a founding member and a former Chief Investment Officer of Coronation. He has managed the Coronation Global Equity Fund of Funds product since inception and also co-manages portfolios within the Global Multi-Asset Class offering. Tony has 37 years’ investment experience.

  • Neil Padoa
    Neil Padoa

    10 years' experience

    BEconSc, FFA
    Neil is a portfolio manager and head of Global Developed Markets research. He joined Coronation in May 2012 and has 10 years’ investment experience. Neil is co-manager of the Global Managed and Global Equity strategies.

  • Gavin Joubert
    Gavin Joubert

    19 years' experience

    BBusSc, CA (SA), CFA
    Head of Global Emerging Markets, Gavin has 19 years’ experience as an investment analyst and portfolio manager. He joined Coronation in 1999 and manages assets within the Global Emerging Markets Equity Strategy

  • Suhail Suleman
    Suhail Suleman

    16 years' experience

    BBusSc, CFA
    Suhail is a portfolio manager within the Global Emerging Markets investment unit. He joined Coronation in 2007 and has more than 16 years’ investment experience.

  • Peter Leger
    Peter Leger

    20 years' experience

    BScEng, BCom (Hons), CFA
    Peter is head of Global Frontier Markets and manager across all strategies within the investment unit. He joined Coronation in 2005 and has 20 years’ experience in African financial markets as both a portfolio manager and research analyst.