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Education is our core focus

Our Values

We are in it for the long term

We take a holistic approach

We are active participants

We continuously monitor our programmes’ impact


Our Corporate Social Investment (CSI) strategy follows Coronation’s long-term focused investment philosophy: We are committed to our initiatives for the long run, and we focus on results that can be sustained into the future. 

In addition to our financial contribution, Coronation employees are active participants who invest their time and expertise, contributing to our initiatives’ overall impact.

Our dedicated initiatives of the past three decades have reached:

>8 400

educators through training

5 702

small-scale farmers by equipping them with business skills*

103 462

adults through consumer financial education training


students were awarded study opportunities

*Includes beneficiaries of Coronation funding and CSI partner funding.
All figures as of end March 2023 unless otherwise stated

Holistically supporting children, educators, parents, and entrepreneurs


  • 7 266 Children receive support from ECD practitioners and principals in the form of care and stimulation
  • 1 016 learners supported

Primary School

  • 306 educators benefited from maths training

  • 8 shools were equipped with adventure-themed reading rooms

  • 315 learners equipped with food gardening skills

Supporting Educators & Parents

  • 104 teachers received hands on experience
  • 979 principals and teachers received mentoring
  • 17 950 adults trained to make sound financial decisions
  • 348 parents participated in parent workshops.

Tertiary Education

  • Student bursaries
  • Ikusasa student financial aid programme

Developing Entrepreneurs

  • 135 small-scale farmers trained to build businesses

Our Programmes

Our CSI programmes support sustainable initiatives, aimed at achieving maximum impact over the long term.

Our Collaborations

Our collaborative interventions combine several education-focused partner projects into the same school community.

Consumer Financial Education

Our consumer financial education programme delivers meaningful financial education to adults, empowering them with financial skills and knowledge.