Consumer Financial Education

Delivering meaningful financial education to adults across South Africa

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Participants benefited from CFE workshops since 2017


For the past decade, Coronation has proactively been involved in promoting and raising the levels of financial literacy in South Africa through several interventions.

In 2017, we identified a partner (Avocado Vision) that allowed us to achieve national impact, making it possible for thousands of South African adults to gain the necessary knowledge and skills to improve their own and their family’s financial situation through better financial decisions.

The programme, which launched in 2018, offers a bespoke series of modules and targets economically active individuals in impoverished communities aged 16 and above.

The purpose of the programme is to improve consumers’ financial resilience and to build a lasting, sustainable, and measurable impact in South African communities by improving the savings culture in those communities. We want to empower people to live bigger lives and make better financial and business choices.