Our investment approach

Coronation is a long-term, valuation-driven investment house. Coronation has a single investment philosophy according to which all products are managed. 

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Podcast series: 2019 asset class outlooks

Listen to discussions with five portfolio managers here

Post-election analysis: Just enough

Read our economist Marie Antelme’s review of the results and their implications.

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SA’s power conundrum

Keeping the lights on needs dedication to complicated turnaround plans

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Accessing the diversity dividend

Why being (and being allowed to be) yourself at work is valuable to your organisation

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Video channel

We work hard at earning and maintaining our clients' trust. In a series of brief video clips we share with you the unique aspects that combine to make Coronation one of South Africa's foremost investment managers.


Without honesty there can be no trust

When investing your money, we consider the seen and unseen.