Abdurosheed Emandien

Team Leader: Validations

I began my journey at Coronation in January 2016 as a graduate in our Personal Investments Retail Administration Team. Gaining the knowledge provided in the Graduate programme, I started learning about how the collective investment schemes environment operates. I was provided with countless opportunities to apply the knowledge I gained at university, such as Taxation and Corporate Governance/Auditing, to various topics related to unit trusts. I completed my Honours degree in Taxation while working my first year at Coronation. In November 2018, I was fortunate to be provided with an opportunity to apply for the role of Tax Specialist. Furthermore, in 2020 I was afforded the opportunity to apply for the Team Leader role for the Personal Investments Retail Administration Validations Team.

Describe what you do here at Coronation and how that benefits our clients

I am responsible for the Personal Investments Retail Validations Team and overlook the processes and controls relating to this function within the business. In addition to that, I overlook the regulatory tax reporting requirements to SARS and various stakeholders as well as aligning business processes and legislative requirements. I am furthermore involved in resolving technical queries and delivering exceptional service to our clients.

It’s an amazing experience being provided with opportunities to showcase your skills in various environments.

What has been your career highlight so far at Coronation?

Being supported by the team and management of Coronation. It’s an amazing experience being provided with opportunities to showcase your skills in various environments. As a graduate, my goal was to learn and broaden my skills set. I have been fortunate enough to work with amazing people at Coronation who fostered an environment in which I could expand my knowledge and experience. I have grown to see my management team as mentors.

What do you enjoy mostly about working in your team/department?

There is always the motivation to keep pushing yourself to achieve more. The work ethic is amazing and so is the support provided. I have had amazing experiences within my department, both from a work and social aspect. We respect each other and are always willing to support one another with our various specialties.

When you joined Coronation, what did you find was pleasantly different to what you expected?

The people! I cannot express the amazing relationships I have formed after six years at Coronation. In relation to the size of the company, it is easy to have conversations with various levels of individuals in the company, from your direct manager to the COO. From certified courses to social cricket and soccer games, Coronation provides an array of opportunities to increase your skill set. I will always be proud of the Coronation brand that I represent.

What 3 skills do you feel are necessary for one to succeed in your field?

Hardwork; Self and mutual respect; Thirst for knowledge and understanding