Sameer Adams

Head of Development

I joined Coronation in 2013 to aid in our Digital Transformation initiative. Having started my journey at a tech start-up specialising in property, real-estate, financial and entertainment systems in 2006, I had broad exposure to digital, operational, web-based, automation and self-servicing solutions.

I had the good fortune of joining Coronation just prior to a period of strong growth and having moved into a department that was small and siloed meant there was immense room for development. As the company grew, so did its requirements in relation to the IT/IS front and, as such, we adapted to cater for this organisation-wide growth. We built larger, more feature-based, high performing teams and today we rival the best tech companies on the market.


While we may have differences in responsibility, ultimately each individual at Coronation understands that they are part of a greater team.

Describe what you do here at Coronation and how that benefits our clients

I am part of the leadership team whose responsibility it is to build and provide technology solutions for our clients; both internal and external. We streamline our business processes and build/buy/integrate appropriate software to best manage the end-to-end client engagement cycle.

What has been your career highlight so far at Coronation?

Having the ability to influence and build the technology roadmap and put the right people and processes in place to meet our business objectives.

What do you enjoy mostly about working in your team/department?

We have multiple parallel implementation streams running day-to-day and everyone is like-minded. There are no egos and while we may have differences in responsibility, ultimately each individual is part of a greater team, understands what they need to do, and executes in an effective manner.

When you joined Coronation, what did you find was pleasantly different to what you expected?

The level of involvement and collaboration across the organisation

List three things you feel make Coronation a great place to work

  1. The start-up like, high performance culture.
  2. The high calibre individuals.
  3. The autonomy you are granted as to what is required of you.