Our Fixed Interest Fund Range - May 2017

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Coronation Insights

Coronation Insights

Coronation offers a range of funds that cater for the majority of investors who are investing for immediate income and want to preserve capital. These funds share the common Coronation DNA of a disciplined, long-term focused and valuation-based investment philosophy. Details of the funds are included in the adjacent table.

We also offer specialist bond (Coronation Bond) and listed property (Coronation Property Equity) funds. In addition, we offer a rand-denominated version of the Coronation Global Strategic USD Income Fund to our international offering for investors who wish to access this specialised portfolio without using their foreign investment allowances.

The funds reflected in the table meet the needs of investors who are looking to invest for the short term, and to whom capital preservation is of primary importance. However, those investors who require an income to cover their everyday living expenses over an extended period of time, and need their capital to grow to protect their purchasing power, should rather consider investing in one of our income and growth funds, Coronation Capital Plus or the more conservative Balanced Defensive Fund.

For full details on fund fees, please visit the Funds & Products section of www.coronation.com or contact one of our Client Service consultants on 0800 22 11 77.