Coronation - No investment is too small
FRAUD ALERT: Be aware of scammers communicating with you via WhatsApp promising you overnight returns.

No investment is too small.

Start with as little as R1 and become a part of the investment community.
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We want to help more South Africans become part of the investment community.

We have dropped our minimum investment from R5 000 to R1 to help you start your investment.

You may have thought of investing, here is your chance to experience it without any obligation. The best time to start is right now.

Where will my money be invested?

Your money will be invested in the Coronation Market Plus Fund. It is a good place to start as a long term investor. The Market Plus Fund offers our best investment views across shares, listed property and bonds.

It’s a long term fund, with a recommended investment time horizon of at least 5 years, although you’re free to take your money out whenever you want.

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Ready to invest?

Investing with Coronation is now easier than ever. You can do it on your phone in less than five minutes.

Simply take a photo of each of these documents and have them ready to upload when you start your investment journey online.

What you will need
  1. Your South African ID
  2. Recent bank statement
  3. Proof of address (if not displayed on your bank statement)
  4. Photo of your signature
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