Ready to Invest

Ready to Invest

Investing online with Coronation is easier than ever. It takes less than 5 minutes on your phone.

Our range of products and funds are designed to match the needs of most investors.

Here are three funds that could get you started on your investment journey, each of which is matched to a different investment goal.

Strategic Income

A low risk option that aims to beat what you can earn from your bank.
Recommended investment term
  • 1-3 years

Market Plus

A balanced long-term portfolio that will have more of your money invested in South Africa than offshore over time.
Recommended investment term
  • 5 years Plus

Optimum Growth

An aggressive long-term portfolio that will have more of your money invested offshore than in South Africa over time.
Recommended investment term
  • 10 years Plus

The three funds are an excerpt of our full range of products and funds, and are not representative of financial advice. Should you require advice based on your individual financial needs and personal life circumstance please speak to an independent financial adviser.

All you need to get started

  • R500 per month or a R5 000 once-off investment

  • Your South African ID

  • Recent bank statement

  • Proof of address (if not displayed on your bank statement)

  • Photo of your signature

How to invest

Simply photograph each of the listed documents and have them ready to upload when you start your online journey.

Frequently asked questions

A unit trust fund is an investment product that pools the money of many investors to invest in assets like shares, bonds and listed property. Instead of having to pick individual investments yourself, a unit trust offers you exposure to a range of assets, which are selected and managed by investment professionals. It is an easy and convenient way to invest your money.

Yes, Coronation manages money on behalf of millions of South Africans and we take this responsibility very seriously. Coronation Asset Management is an authorised financial service provider, and Coronation Management Company is a licensed manager of collective investment schemes. The value of your investment will fluctuate depending on the prevailing market prices of the underlying investments in the fund.

We highly recommend that you remain invested for the long term to get the maximum benefit from both our investment approach and compound interest. You can, however, withdraw part or all of your investment whenever you want.

If you elect for Coronation to collect the investment amount from your bank account by way of a once off debit order (electronic collection), we will apply a restriction on your ability to withdraw these funds for the first 40 days as debit orders can be reversed within 40 days. If you elect to do an EFT, there is a 7-day clearance period. This protects both you and us from fraud.

You can withdraw the full value of your investment at the value which is calculated daily.

No, the value of your investment may go down as well as up and Coronation does not provide any guarantees with respect to the protection of your capital or a specific rate of return. What we can guarantee is that our investment professionals will manage your money with due care and to the best of their ability. Your money will be invested in shares, listed property and other yielding assets listed in South Africa and on stock exchanges around the world. If you want to learn more about the suitability of this fund for you, its historical return and risk profile and other important information regarding this investment, please refer to the comprehensive fact sheets.

Each funds’ fees can be found on their respective factsheets:

Click here to read more about the fees

You may still invest. You may submit a stamped letter from your bank that shows all you bank account details.