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We discuss the outlook for loadshedding for the next two years. With new capacity coming online, when can we expect loadshedding to end?


We explore the reasons for the sustained streak without loadshedding and discuss what we can expect heading into winter.


The series concludes with a case study on Brazil, a discussion on what sets South Africa apart from the countries discussed in this series and broad guidelines for investors on asset allocation in so-called “worst-case scenarios”.


In episode two, we ask if domestic equities will always preserve value in cases of severe countrywide decline and major macroeconomic instability.


Our first episode features the fascinating series of events that unfolded in Argentina, Lebanon and Venezuela respectively.

Vulnerabilities increase the risk of longer-term damage

Bloated merchant acquirers face disruption in the Brazilian market spac

Offshore acquisitions by domestic companies

What now that the kings are gone?

Cyril Ramaphosa’s ANC needs to save South Africa from economic déjà vu

Real change will depend on the will to fight