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Investing in income funds

Understanding your chosen fund’s risk and return targets is key.

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Investment Specialist Kim Deane explains how the Coronation Global Managed Fund is designed as a single offshore solution for the majority of investors. Its ability to invest across a variety of listed asset classes provides it with the means to deliver solid risk-adjusted returns for long-term investors.


Investment Specialist Amika Gordhan talks to the importance of offshore in an investor’s total portfolio and that while the increased exposure (45%) achieved through a balanced fund may be enough, for many additional exposure is essential. Investing offshore has never been as accessible as it is today, no matter your financial position. All it takes is $500.

Together with the attractive opportunities we are finding in global fixed income markets today, we believe Coronation Global Capital Plus offers a compelling collection of assets suited to the needs of conservative international investors.

And why it is not too late to remedy?


No one wants to risk running out of money, and certainly not in retirement. We unpack three key considerations in mitigating against these risks.


See how our carefully balanced risk-conscious approach has delivered significant investment returns for over two decades.

For investors with a long time horizon and a global outlook.

2022 saw a dramatic resetting of interest rates, creating an opportunity set in global fixed income markets that we believe investors should be positioning their portfolios for.


Are you considering a cash investment due to risk and the need for quick access to your savings? Watch Portfolio Manager Mauro Longano as he takes us through a few compelling alternatives for cash investors. You may want to opt for a Fixed Income Fund, which will work harder than simply leaving your money in a bank account.


Amika Gordhan, unpacks why balanced funds are so popular with the 5 Benefits of Balanced Funds and how the Coronation Balanced Fund has delivered superior returns at a reduced level of risk.

Add compounding to the tax you don’t pay.

Remember your own tolerance for risk

Unfortunately not, our analysis shows

How we take advantage of return opportunities while being conscious about risk

Leaning into a once-in-a-decade dislocation between price and value.

Current valuations relative to history point to attractive future return prospects.

A combination of domestic assets and global equities will help funds achieve their real return expectations

Follow our ‘first in, last out’ approach.

While 2021 was a strong year for investors, we still see opportunities for those who get started this year.

How Coronation Top 20 fund has benefited investors.

Understanding risk profiles and having realistic return expectations are key.

It’s a no-brainer

Three fund anniversaries highlight the value created for investors.

Celebrating the anniversaries of three of our multi-asset funds

Part 2

A history of consistent alpha generation in local and global markets

Part 1